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Our lucky Golden ticket winners are enjoying their lunch with Mr Clark! https://t.co/VxJlWYqZAB


Well done to the Year 4 boys for representing our school this morning at a competition in Harlow. A big thank you to Freya in Year 6 for coaching them! https://t.co/nE6YuqAYKd


Roydon Primary Academy Retweeted
Roydon Primary

with Juniper Class https://t.co/ZytkENSP9o


Reception were busy this morning baking biscuits! Great job!! https://t.co/2QKg4gkEpw


Miss Brooks’ Year 5 Class had their Victorian WOW Day today! Victoria sponges, printing, art work and Victorian PE! Looked great fun and some great outfits https://t.co/UgCifp6UO6


with Juniper Class https://t.co/ZytkENSP9o


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Jennifer Killick

I’m so pleased that your children are enjoying Alex Sparrow, and I’m really looking forward to meeting you all.


Year 4 received a special surprise this week in the post from author . They are really enjoying her book as their class text and have begged Mr Girvan to get the next one! We look forward to welcoming Jennifer to Roydon soon! https://t.co/0hau7BhQNz


There is project homework....and there is project homework! Amazing efforts from these two amazing Year 1 children! https://t.co/ZGWJytN3g1


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Well done! The last but not the least! Well done year 2 we are super proud of your achievements today! .


Once again a big thank you to Lisa Tooley and the team from everyone for allowing us to use their ICT facilities. It's been amazing.


It's the turn of Willow class to spend a Wow day experts at skilfully and finding their way around the keyboard and using word https://t.co/P0PpPCPiKR


Thank you to Roy from for talking to the children about the importance of staying safe during Halloween and firework night. https://t.co/ma1cJj526s


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Your Harlow

Harvest Festival kindness from Roydon Primary. https://t.co/82S1o3LkGh


Kandinsky in the making https://t.co/p1mAVU07Yo


Walnut class researching Kandinsky and creating masterpieces https://t.co/eDnvEEWY3C


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Mrs D Conlon

They were adorable! So keen to tell me all about their day and my favourite quote is "this is the best big school ever" 😄


Very happy he enjoyed the day! https://t.co/htPvs5TxdZ


Year 4 working hard this morning, creating PowerPoint presentations about Ancient Greece! Thank you for having us again. https://t.co/pHZp8CgCdW


Oak class maths https://t.co/rr2IQVwvAW


Outstanding Education

Supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and North & East London, BMAT is a growing multi-academy trust with a singular vision: schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.

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At Roydon School we deliver a broad and balanced physical education (PE) curriculum which aims to develop pupils' physical competence, confidence and their ability to use these to perform in a range of activities. It contributes to their overall development by helping them to lead full, active and healthy lives.

Schools are provided with a PE & Sports Grant  - this grant must be spent on improving the provision of PE and sport within school but schools have the freedom to choose how this is done. Please follow this link to find out more about the impact of this grant at Roydon School.

PE sessions

Children in Key stage 1 and 2 participate in two hours of PE each week following the Physical Education Curriculum.

The Physical Education Curriculum is comprised of:

  • Athletics: To practise and develop basic actions in running, throwing and jumping. To develop their accuracy, speed, height, length and distance.
  • Dance: To respond imaginatively to a variety of stimuli in order to show moods, feelings, ideas and create simple characters and narrative in movement.
  • Gymnastics: To perform confidently with varying degrees of control a simple range of actions, such as running, jumping, rolling, climbing, transferring weight, balancing, swinging and to link a series of movement with changes of direction, levels, speed, tension and rhythm. To be able to perform skills and sequences on the apparatus.To be able to remember, select and repeat a sequence of movements, to practise through rehearsals and adapt, practice and refine these actions. To share, lift, carry, place and move apparatus safely.
  • Games: To experience elements of game play which include chasing, dodging, avoiding and awareness of space and other players. Team play and interation with others.
  • Outdoor and adventure activities: To explore the potential for physical activities within the immediate environment. Undertake simple orientation activities. Apply physical skills out of doors on suitable equipment and develop an awareness of basic safety practices.
  • Swimming (Key Stage 2): To develop confidence in water and explore different strokes. To show an understanding of water safety and codes of hygiene and courtesy for using swimming pools.

PE Kit

Each class will participate in an indoor and outdoor PE lesson every week. The outdoor lesson will take place whatever the weather so please ensure your child has appropriate kit.

The kit is as follows:-

  • Track suits for outdoor activities during colder weather
  • T-shirt
  • Trainers (these will get muddy)
  • Change of socks
  • Waterproof and gloves for cold, wet weather.
  • Carrier bag to put wet, muddy clothes to take home
  • No jewellery is allowed during PE - if earrings are worn, your child will be asked to remove them.

If a pupil forgets their kit, a spare one will be provided for them to wear. However, if they persistently forget their kit, their parents will be contacted.

Competitive Tournaments

At Roydon we are fortunate to be an active member of the Harlow School Sports Partnership. this enables the children in Key Stage 2 to compete competitively, in a range of well organised tournaments against other local primary schools. The year 5/6 children also take part in the Harlow Primary Schools Football League and Cup competition, which is run throughout the year.

Children in year 1 and 2 have an opportunity to compete in a fun mini athletics tournament which is organised by Burnt Mill Academy.

As a school, every half term, each class participates in an intra-sports tournament within their key stage. This allows all children to participate competitively against their known peers.

Sports Day

This is an annual mix of sporting events and competitive races for all year groups. Points are accumulated throughout the morning as children compete in their house groups. The trophy is awarded to the house with the highest total score. In the afternoon, points are accumulated through non-competitive fun sports and a second trophy is awarded to the house with the highest total score.

Parents are more than welcome to watch and encourage their child in a sporting and supportive manner.

Ways to support your child in PE at home

  • Play active games with your children to help them to develop their coordination and movement. For example: throwing and catching, tag, bowling, racquet sports, basketball and football.
  • Try to encourage your child to play outdoors (if is safe to do so) on their bike, scooter or roller blades/skates.
  • Take them to a park which has climbing frames and swings once a week, so they are able to develop their coordination skills by climbing and moving along the apparatus. this will help them to improve their strength and stamina.
  • Help your child to understand the importance of leading an active lifestyle, including healthy eating. If you able, try to walk to the shops / school / friend's house instead of taking the car.
  • If your child shows a keen interest in a sport they have learnt at school or seen on TV, try to encourage them to join an out of school club like football, gymnastics, swimming, tennis etc.


Keep an eye on our news section for links to clubs and activities.


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