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We wish all our BMAT family, staff, parents and children a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Have a safe and enjoyable break. We will see the children back on Friday 4th January 2019.


A huge well done to this terms Golden Children!Wear those badges with pride! https://t.co/SCoiwgyApI


Santa has been to school! He has been giving all the children a present, paid for by FORSA! A fantastic reward for all their hard work! https://t.co/GyJKSrCcO7


A huge thank to FORSA our amazing PTA who have paid for a panto for the children this morning...ow no they didn’t!! https://t.co/FuMYhEUz67


Walnut Class loved watching the video from were they announced which animal we had drawn for the very exciting HEART project! https://t.co/YdQDQHTUIi


Roydon Primary Academy Retweeted

A free cinema trip helped pupils to understand their school topic. Year 5 & 6 pupils at and Year 4 pupils from visited , in Queensgate, as part of the Into Film Festival. https://t.co/bG3dS9LRBa https://t.co/Ihe4OjEAfa https://t.co/timInIsPbY


Thank you to all who came to our Carol Concert at St Peter's Church this morning! A special thank you to Neo Hamilton, an ex pupil, who played the piano beautifully as everyone entered and left the church! Thank you for letting us have him back! https://t.co/GLC7JcVsrt


Christmas lunch and jumper day today spreading some a Christmas cheer and raising money for https://t.co/ERFeTAUJC7


Thank you for talking with Mr Clark today we look forward to working with you! https://t.co/Hl8IyTH4Zf


Elm Class spent the afternoon at a residential care home this afternoon singing their nativity songs to the elderly, spreading some Christmas cheer! Thank you to in Ware for having us and giving the children a gift! https://t.co/vwfRqTgCJo


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Children are being challenged to complete 50 activities before they leave their primary school. From riding a bike to hunting for bugs, pupils at are broadening their life experiences https://t.co/p0OcAx2KDu https://t.co/F7bV1O2e6r


A huge well done to Elm Class who despite their young age and only being at school for one term performed their nativity to a hall packed with supportive parents! https://t.co/w3ENSCxJCV


Waiting for the soup. https://t.co/CgtbcIo7ep


The Oak Class protesters moved in to SAVE THE RAINFOREST https://t.co/ogQRJXNToR


Oak have foraged and now to cook the spoils https://t.co/w5hygbo19m


School council met this afternoon to discuss the playground and how we can make it enjoyable and safe for everyone. https://t.co/T7hWvc8onc


Roydon Primary Academy Retweeted

Children took a step back in time to enjoy a Victorian Christmas. Year 5 pupils from Academy, in Roydon, visited Royal Gunpowder Mills. Full story - https://t.co/QHohCXk7YP https://t.co/Z9Mx103o4k


Oak class Rainforest Survival WOW DAY begins with model shelters https://t.co/bM8Pb6udPN


A few more photos from the day https://t.co/ul6znzFmBJ


Some of our very happy Year 6 girls showing off their beautiful writing. Working hard to self edit and improve their 1st drafts! https://t.co/wiyNjedTnN


Outstanding Education

Supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and North & East London, BMAT is a growing multi-academy trust with a singular vision: schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.

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The mathematics teaching at Roydon Primary Academy is geared towards enabling each pupil to develop within their capabilities; not only the mathematics skills and the understanding required for later life, but also an enthusiasm and fascination about maths itself.


In KS1, the principal focus of mathematics teaching is to ensure that pupils develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value. This involves working with numerals, words and the four operations.

We also aim to develop the children's skills in other mathematical areas such as fractions, geometry, measurement and statistics. 


In lower KS2 (years 3 and 4) we aim to ensure that pupils become increasingly fluent with whole numbers and the four operations, including number facts and concept of place value. This should develop the children to produce written and mental methods and perform calculations accurately with increasingly large whole numbers.

At this stage, we aim to develop their ability to solve a range of problems, increase their accuracy and develop mathematical reasoning across all areas of mathematics (fractions, measurements, geometry and statistics).

In upper KS2 (years 5 and 6) we aim to ensure that pupils extend their understanding of the number system and place value. This should enable them to develop the connections they need to make between multiplication and division with fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio. 

Throughout this stage we aim to develop pupils ability to solve a wider range of increasingly complex problems, introducing them to the language of algebra as a means for solving a variety of calculations. 

By the end of year 6 we aim to have all children fluent in written methods for all four operations, including long multiplication and division, and in working with fractions, decimals and percentages.

Throughout all of KS2, pupils will complete a weekly skills check to ensure that all mathematical skills and concepts are kept fresh in their heads. As a school, we use these to fill in any mathematical gaps for groups of children by providing them with targets to hit. We also use them as a guide for teaching  areas that need further consolidation. 

Times Tables

Fluency in number through knowledge of place value, the rapid recall of times tables up to 12 (by the end of year 4) and applying this to create related multiplication and division facts is at the heart of our vision.

We aim to increase pupil confidence in maths so they are able to express themselves and their ideas using the language of maths with assurance.

We are continually aiming to raise the standards of achievement of the pupils ast Roydon Primary Academy.

Developing Maths Skills

Below is a list of online games that children can use to help develop their mathematical skills.










Here are some for Early Years




Other useful Websites to Support Maths






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