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Avengers assemble to battle Covid-19

Avengers assemble to battle Covid-19

Posted: 18th December 2020

Avengers assembled to battle against Covid-19 in a modern nativity play.

Pupils and parents at Roydon Primary Academy came together to produce a unique show.

A digital production saw the community re-enact the final scene in Avengers End Game, using children as Avengers and Thanos as the evil force behind Covid-19.

The digital nativity was delivered in parts over 12 days.

Anna Myatt, head of school, said: “Once again, the staff and children of Roydon Primary Academy stepped up and, in the face of adversity, delivered a digital nativity to inspire and engage the Roydon School community.

“The Christmas nativity is a rite of passage for every child. This year was to be no exception at Roydon Primary Academy.

“The children and staff were amazing, filming and producing this all in just three days. Covid-19 will not stop Christmas at Roydon!”

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