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Mr Vullo and EYFS have enjoyed making videos this year for Rabbit Class. They have now put all the videos for this year on the school website. Visit the link below to see this year's 'Greatest Hits'. More will be added everyday! https://t.co/Mudd14E4NB

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Great to see one of our bubbles working so hard in their outside classroom!! https://t.co/TTEItwZ5kN

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Out Now! The new issue of Latitude - The magazine for BMAT Schools, Parents and Communities. Read it online here - https://t.co/aqc2Xy6VVz https://t.co/vQykuMBGEI

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We are very proud to receive the Gold Award from We also received an award for our commitment to physical exercise during the partial closure. Well done to Mrs Luscombe and the whole school community! https://t.co/zjjCHATNh2

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Roydon Primary Academy in Roydon, Essex, have a vacancy for a 1:1 SEND Care Assistant. For more information visit - https://t.co/kyJtXOhuZn https://t.co/tGHSzMpYO1


Thank you to all the boys and girls who watched our first live assembly stream this morning! The link to watch assembly back is now on class dojo! Next week we will try a live Q&A!!


Is your child starting their Roydon journey in September? Our website is now full of videos and materials to help the children familiarise themselves with school. Please follow the link below https://t.co/U297ZyHoxg

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Our Year 3 and 4 keyworker bubble have been busy this afternoon drawing with Rob! Some great efforts! https://t.co/a9zF9FEaVk

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Our Key stage 1 key worker bubble were busy making story boxes this afternoon! What is the story? https://t.co/vDFBnGpzRc

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Mr Girvan making hot chocolate based on a Mayan's recipe this afternoon! https://t.co/JI7H39HNxs

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Children returning to school will benefit from a brand-new wellbeing room installed during lockdown. While schools have been closed to the majority of pupils due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the extra resource has been set up at Roydon Primary Academy. https://t.co/sapXOzKa0G https://t.co/4ggqvdwbIt

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EYFS are investigating weight at home and in school this week. Today we received lots of pictures of home made scales! Well done boys and girls! https://t.co/ToLbgY6fS1

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Reception have set up outside in the wildlife area this week...how exciting!!! https://t.co/JbKZmlKkAH

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The children have been amazing this morning settling into a new way of life in school! Well done all. https://t.co/eJ0F4N2KU3

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Miss Fleming

Perhaps there is a space mad pupil who would be interested within BMAT 🚀🚀 https://t.co/v5CI7AYOrX

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Welcome back, we have a special treat to start Summer 2! Enjoy! https://t.co/niEzwEBMyi https://t.co/yDZqOoBkRe

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Thank you so much to the parents and children who contributed and dropped this into school today! Very kind and much appreciated. https://t.co/7VhCD7e82r


Well done to the parents in Rabbit Class (Reception) for getting involve din another one of Mr Vullo's stories! Well done to all of you and thank you for your support. https://t.co/s05R4iLF4F

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Our latest story from Mr Vullo and friends is on dojo! A great performance from Mr Hale in here too! https://t.co/VN9uBzi4DM

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Disadvantaged children have been provided with digital devices and unlimited broadband by their school to enable them to learn at home. https://t.co/gYx4PDbGaq https://t.co/oo3YYN5ZE7

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At Roydon, we aim to develop the reading skills of every child in order to be confident, fluent and independent readers whilst fostering a life-long love of reading. We inspire a love of reading through encouraging reading for pleasure and providing the children with plentiful opportunities to read. We also ensure they have contact with a range of relevant books including more challenging texts for our more able pupils.In order to achieve this, we teach reading using a systematic approach – phonics.

Teaching Reading at Roydon and Reading at Home


In KS1, children are heard read at least twice a week by an adult. This is recorded in their reading records and on individual reading records to track progress. Teachers use their professional judgement to ensure that children are reading books suitable to their level. The books provided for the Key Stage 1 children have been carefully levelled to ensure that they are the right level for your child.

As a school, we encourage children to read as much as possible at home, and when they do this, for it to be recorded in their reading records by the adult that has heard them read. The more reading that a child does, the greater progress they make as they move through the school.



In Key Stage 2, the way in which reading is taught differs as there is now a bigger emphasis on comprehension rather than word reading.

            Children will be heard read by an adult at least once a week in a small group situation. They will then work in a carousel of activities with the focus on a particular skill. Progress will be tracked by the class teacher using individual target sheets.


Children are still expected to read at home and to record these reading sessions in their reading records.  If they have read with an adult, then the adult can record this information, however as they move through KS2 and become more independent readers, then they can record their own reading and write their own comments.


Reading Curriculum

At Roydon, we have an English curriculum which really teaches children to appreciate and understand various texts. This includes knowing the author’s intention, understanding structure and increasing language and vocabulary. Each genre across all Year Groups is taught using a different style of text – some by well-known authors and others through the topic.


Each class will also have a class book which is read together regularly as a class. These books are shared, discussed and enjoyed by the children. These books are high quality and provide children with a chance to enjoy reading and stimulate discussion.


Book Corners

Each classroom has an enticing and engaging reading corner where there is a variety of texts available for the children to choose from and enjoy. This area provides children with a pleasant area to sit and read.


Useful Websites to Support Reading


For parent guidance on supporting your child’s reading try these websites…







For fun games and activities for your child try these websites…. www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/literacy/   



Writing at Roydon

At Roydon, we teach writing in two parts:

·         Transcription (spelling and handwriting).

·         Composition (articulating ideas and structuring them in speech and writing)

We aim to improve the children’s skills and confidence in these two areas.




Spelling is an important part of the National Curriculum 2014 and so it taught across the school.


EYFS and KS1

Spelling is taught through the Assertive Mentoring programme. They are taught a spelling rule each week and learn words related to that rule. These are sent home to learn, then the children are tested weekly on these.



In KS2, spelling rules are taught also through the Assertive Mentoring programme. Each week, children learn a different spelling rule and learn words related to that rule. These are sent home weekly for homework. KS2 spellings are tested on a regular cycle of approximately 5 weeks. This is so the children can retain the spelling rule and apply it over time.


Topic words are sent home at the beginning of each term related to the topic.



At Roydon, we teach cursive handwriting from Year 1. This is so that children can join legibly and fluently.  Weekly handwriting practice takes place across the school and is taught explicitly. Children have to demonstrate fluent, legible and joined handwriting, then they earn their pen licence.



At Roydon, we use Talk for Writing to ensure that children are exposed to a range of genres and to ensure that they have a firm grasp on how to write well in all genres. Talk for Writing is used across the school from Reception to Year 6 and enables children to focus on a particular text type.


Big Write

Big Write takes place once and a fortnight and is an opportunity for children to write at length. Targets for writing are given following this writing  so that children know the next steps to take with their learning.



Grammar is taught across the school where the correct terminology is used and follows the expectations of the National Curriculum. Grammar is taught in context along with the text type or it is taught as stand-alone lessons. This is particularly true for Upper KS2.

Useful Websites to Support English









If you have any questions relating to Literacy please feel free to contact Literacy leader Miss Spring or Head of school Mr Clark.


Please see below for some ideas of age appropriate books. Many of which we have in our library.

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