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🎅 Santa and his assistant Elf then arrived at and even had time for a quick selfie with pupils! 🎄#SantaVlog pic.twitter.com/3vRK3vlRPw

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🎄 A big thank you to FORSA, who raised £2250 on Saturday at our Christmas bazaar🎅 Those in attendance enjoyed visiting Santa's Grotto and various festive stalls pic.twitter.com/dFDyrY2IbZ

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🎄 Christmas Bazaar 2023 at Roydon Primary Academy🎅 Santa's Grotto🎁 Festive Stalls🚪 Free Entry, Donations are welcome🗓️ Saturday 25th November 1:00pm - 4:00pm pic.twitter.com/s3L80TRHA1

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🎭 Year 4 consolidated their Ancient Greek learning via a series of hands-on historical activities. They were transported through time to an ancient market. 🍇 pic.twitter.com/f9eeIjL7qC

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🪖Pupils wrote powerful poetry to commemorate . Their heartfelt words honour our fallen heroes 🌹 pic.twitter.com/MyR9bURTsi

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TOMORROW!Open Morning for 2024-25 Reception cohort on Thursday 9th November 2023 at 9:45am.We're looking forward to welcoming prospective families to view our school. pic.twitter.com/lMbiJbCHOx

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😋 It's National School Meals Week! , children at were joined by special guests, Headteacher Mrs Myatt and Head of Estates Mrs Tyler for a Pizza lunch 🍕Elsewhere, schools enjoyed Bonfire night and Guy Fawkes themed meals 🔥🎆 pic.twitter.com/HQ1LwguwSC

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Thank you to all parents who attended our Open Afternoon. We look forward to welcoming more prospective families to view our school on Thursday 9th NovemberThe event will run from 9:45am pic.twitter.com/czuUVP1ZWR

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🎃🧙‍♀️ There were some spooky goings on at Roydon yesterday as pupils celebrated pic.twitter.com/5WEX73zFFu

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TOMORROW!Open Afternoon from 2:15pmWe're looking forward to welcoming prospective families to view our school pic.twitter.com/MvHF6APQpN

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We're looking forward to welcoming prospective families to view our school on Thursday 2nd NovemberThis event starts at 2:15pm pic.twitter.com/Sbc4xOnTDY

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🍃 Year 5 enjoyed a trip to to learn about plant life to consolidate their learning about Tropical Rainforests. pic.twitter.com/MTvJ93wq8F


I have been very impressed with the young poets of whilst judging their poetry competition entries for - what a tough decision!


🗣️ More from 🌲🐿️ NATURE 🌼🦚 pic.twitter.com/COtZWrdhn0


🍂🐿️🦡 Acrostic poems with the theme of AUTUMN for 🦔🐾🌦️ pic.twitter.com/ImpHXPmw3R


On Year 6 ask 'What If?' ⛴️🌊 pic.twitter.com/tp6d4tTEA0

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🍂🌾 Thank you to our parents who provided food donations following our celebration pic.twitter.com/EPKjitAZRQ

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OPEN EVENT ANNOUNCED FOR SIR FREDERICK GIBBERD COLLEGE SEPTEMBER 2024 YEAR 7 INTAKE Saturday 14th October (12pm - 2pm) at Latton Bush Centre, Harlow.Full information on: https://t.co/Po9ibLwBlw pic.twitter.com/adaPvZ63BC

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🐿️ Squirrel class have been using their maths knowledge to represent objects according to their value pic.twitter.com/3jbv9TO1ik

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🤝 Our new school council, Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl have been elected. 🗳️ The pupils conducted the voting. 🔊 We look forward to working with the new team and helping them amplify pupils' voices in the school. pic.twitter.com/ooeMpVxcZp

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Rewarding Children at Roydon

Roydon Primary school’s Code of Conduct: BE KIND, BE SAFE, BE RESPONSIBLE is the starting point for positive behaviour and effective learning.  Our code of conduct enables adults and children to talk about behaviour and learning in language that we all understand.  You will often hear adults discussing safe behaviour with children or praising them for their kindness to others.  

Verbal praise: we are always focused on our children’s learning and their behaviour.  Children are praised by all adults (and other children) when they are polite, well mannered, kind to others, responsible, share resources, think of others before themselves, are safe, make sensible choices and much, much more. Effort, progress and achievement in learning are all recognised as praiseworthy.  Praise can be given without a reward.  It is important that the children understand that behaving well and learning well are expected and can take place without a reward being attached.

Dojo points: At Roydon Primary Academy we use a reward system called ‘Class Dojo’. This allows parents/carers to be involved in how their child is behaving and promotes good communication between staff and parents/carer. Children are rewarded Dojo points for their attitude such as focusing on the task, being polite or demonstrating one of our core values. Parents can log on to Class Dojo and find out in real time how well their child is getting on. Dojo points can’t be taken away.

Postcards: Special postcards are sent home if a child has done something particularly worthy of praise.  This enables parents to be involved in the celebration!

Head of School awards: Children are often sent to the Head of School if they have completed a piece of excellent work, made good learning progress, met a challenge, worked well with others or has behaved exceptionally well.  Special Head of School award stickers are given to these children – along with Dojo points!

Golden child: Each term one child from each class is rewarded in Golden Assembly.  The child is chosen because of their great attitude to learning and their kindness to others.  Parents are invited to this assembly and a special badge is given.  The children wear these badges with pride.

Certificates: Each week at Friday’s Values Assembly, certificates are awarded to children who have demonstrated one of our core school values. Lunchtime certificates are awarded by midday assistants to children who have: eaten all their lunch, played well, shared with others, been responsible and kind.  We keep records of the children who received awards but there are no limitations on how many times a child can receive an award. The certificates are awarded on merit and may also be used to boost confidence and support positive learning attitudes.

House teams: On Sports Day the children race for their House and we have trophies for the winning house in the morning’s competitive events and for the winning house in the afternoon for the fun sports events. Children also take part in other house activities during the year. There are four houses and each house has a Year 6 House leader.

Trophies: Trophies are presented to Year 6 children at the end of year Leavers Assembly.  These awards recognise excellence in writing, mathematics, science and sport.



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